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It's probably worth subscribing to Health Policy Insight

It's probably worth subscribing to Health Policy Insight

Hello to registered non-subscribers!

[clears throat politely] Health Policy Insight subscribers have been aware since last Wednesday that the decision had been made, and since last Thursday that I'd worked out Amanda Pritchard had been chosen to be the next NHS England chief executive, following in the footsteps of Simon Stevens and before him, David Nicholson.

Subscribers got an update about the process on Friday, and it was featured in 'Cowper's Cut' on Monday. Subscribers were also among the first to know when there was a process update as to the announcement timeline, also on Monday.

Today, subscribers found out before anyone else not directly involved that the shortlisted candidates had been informed that they were not being appointed, proving that Ms Pritchard's appointment had been confirmed by the PM.

If this is the sort of information that you would have found interesting and useful, then you should probably subscribe to Health Policy Insight.