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Editorial Friday 23 July 2021: A quick update on the next 'NHS Pope'


Just a quick update on yesterday's piece: there's still nothing conclusive, but all the unoffical lines of communication seem to agree that my deduction is not wrong.

So it seems that Amanda Pritchard has been offered and accepted the job of succeeding Baron Stevens of Birmingham as chief executive of NHS England. (Our very own Baron Knight has had a revealing Lunch with the FT: it's a worthwhile read, with a few 'shots fired', as The Young People say.)

Pritchard may already have undergone Developed Vetting in her role as deputy CEO: she's likely to need enhanced Developed Vetting. Yes, it is a bit like 'double-secret probation' from National Lampoon's Animal House.

The next bit of the process is the movement of Pritchard's nomination through the politicians. This, of course, is the bit where it's highly likely to be leaked to the weekend national press.

If that should not come to pass, then the announcement is likely to be made internally in NHSE late on Tuesday morning, and thereafter generaly.