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Hello to non-subscribing HPI users

Hello to non-subscribing HPI users
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Hello there. Hope you're well.

This is just a quick reminder that my weekly column 'Cowper's Cut' remains available by subscribing to Health Policy Insight.

You'll maybe have seen the list of subscribers' reasons for paying to get their weekly fix of 'Cut': it's here.

Perhaps the pick of the comments are those from Nick Timmins "invaluable, insightful, funny and excellent value for money. Highly recommended. Go subscribe! and Isabel Hardman "Andy Cowper's 'Cut' briefing is absolutely essential reading."

The issues that HPI subscribers have received so far are:

Cowper’s Cut 171: PM Johnson: “I no longer buy all the ‘NHS overwhelmed’ stuff”

Cowper’s Cut 172: Putting the success into succession

Cowper’s Cut 173: Waits and measures

Cowper’s Cut 174: Summer special – what Labour should do

Cowper’s Cut 175: Summer special – will ICSs work?

Cowper’s Cut 176: We are all 40 new hospitals now

Cowper’s Cut 177: There's nothing like an adult debate on funding the NHS but social care

Cowper's Cut 178: Special issue on the health but social care announcements

Cowper’s Cut 179: Understanding it in our bones

and today's, Cowper's Cut 180 The levelling-up reshuffle

In a one-off, unrepeatable special offer available to absolutely everybody, subscribing to Health Policy Insight costs £9.99 per month, or £100 for a year.

If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so here.

Have a good week, either way.