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Editor's blog 9 June 2009: new Health Policy Today and feature on a commissioning collaboration under FESC

Good afternoon. As I am psychically preparing myself for the cross-London walk to get my train lto Liverpool for the NHS Confedeeration conference (from which I shall blog frequently), there is just time to point you to two new things.

Associate director Tom Smith returns with Health Policy Today, in which he loks at the silver jubilee of the Griffiths Report and wonders about Andy Burnham's record-breaking potential.

There is also a new feature on the FESC commissioning collaboration between Ashton, Leigh and Wigan PCT and Tribal. ALW PCT chief executive Peter Rowe and Derek Felton, Tribal's head of health commissioning, discuss the approach and the challenges ahead. This is the first in four quarterly features, which will aim to track process on the project.

Enjoy them both. Tube strikes, eh? Good for your health. Or your wealth, if you're a taxi driver.