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Editor’s blog Wednesday 25 August 2010: Legal for 'unlawfully killed' David Gray's sons to call incompetent Dr Ubani incompetent

The Guardian's James Meikle and colleague report the thoroughly good and sensible news that not only can the sons of the man whom a coroner considered Dr Ubani to have unlawfully killed a 'killer', they are equally at liberty to use the word 'charlatan'.

You may remember that Dr Ubani's main area of expertise is in cosmetic surgery; yet he was able to work as a GP for the ironically-named out of hours service Take Care Now.

Mr Gray's sons, one of whom is a GP, are not permitted by the German legal ruling to call him an 'animal', which seems fair enough.

In equally excellent news for those of us who think Germany is probably fundamentally a pretty decent country, the report notes that the local authority in Witten which grants Ubani's licence to practise medicine, agreed to allow the regional Doctors' Chamber in Westfalen-Lippe to test his fitness. Last week a court order instigated by Ubani had ruled that the chamber was not allowed to test his fitness.

Markus Wenning, the Westfallen-Lippe doctors' chamber director, told the paper: "It's good news. The rights of patients have been placed before the individual rights of Dr Ubani. It is urgent this is acted on quickly for the sake of patients' safety in Germany."

Amen to that. It is essentially impossible to conclude that Dr Ubani is anything other than seriously and dangerously lacking in professional and personal self-knowledge of any kind, from his refusal to hand in his licence to practice following the tragic death he inflicted on David Gray via diamorphine overdose. Danke schoen, Deutchland.