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Editor's blog Wednesday 2 March 2011: Rowshambo - the Dorrell-Lansley dynamic decoded

The dynamic between urbane ex-health secretary and Commons health select comittee chair Stephen Dorrell MP and Our Saviour And Liberator Andrew Lansley has eluded me until this evening, when a remark of Dorrell's from a 'Question Time' event today at a think-tank seminar was broadcast on Twitter.

Dorrell reportedly said of Our Saviour's reforms (and their continuity or otherwise with New Labour's), "the intention is not to privatise the NHS – I can't understand why the politics was handled in a way that allowed this to run".

And in so doing, revealed that he was playing a game with Our Saviour.

The game in question being Rowshambo, from the scabrous genius that is US cartoon series 'South Park'.

The rules of Rowshambo are explained by the brilliantly malevolent Cartman thus: "I kick you square in the nuts as hard as I can; then you kick me and so on until we have a winner".

We have a winner.

Mr Dorrell Rowshambo'ed Our Saviour, with verve and elan.