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Editor's blog Monday 5 October 2009: The deep freeze

There is a lovely old Lancashire phrase that I learned at my Gran's knee - 'don't piss on your own front doorstep'. Not one to over-use, but it is a classic, I think you'll agree.

It leapt to my mind as I flicked to this story on BBC News about a pay freeze for senior civil servants, thinking of the Old Current Bun's announcement during last week's Labour Party conference that it was switching to support the Conservatives (having presumably noticed which the genuine Conservative Party is, after just 12 years - well done, Rupert!).

Chancellor Darling has won the battle for tomorrow's headlines with a certain verve and elan.

This will not, of course, be enough. As Alan Maynard has pointed out on these pages.

Nonetheless, it is neat revenge for the Conservative side's unwise micturition on Labour's Brighton doorstep.

Meanwhile there is a fresh and sharp new instalment of Maynard Doctrine for you to enjoy.

See you tomorrow.