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Editor’s blog Wednesday 5 May 2010: How to vote tomorrow

Good evening. Slight pause in posting: I have been off, saving the world.

(OK, that is not strictly true, I have been off working for clients.)

In the meantime, the redoubtable but undoubted Professor Alan Maynard has provided you with a quick new pre-electoral dose of Maynard Doctrine here.

How to vote
Do you need me - or anyone - to know how you should vote tomorrow? I cannot and do not believe that HPI readers are so empty-headed as to want some hack telling them for whom they should vote.

You're better than that.

But I can tell you how to vote.

Take your polling card down to the voting station, nip in, grab a ballot form, and in the privacy of your own booth, mark your cross against the least worst party you can find ... or the best constituency MP you have had. Then stick it in the black box.


Let's hope there's a decent punchline when we wake up on Friday.