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Editor’s blog Wednesday 26 May 2010: Change at the top for the Confed

Good evening. Bit manic today.

Tomorrow, we will discuss how much pro-market people dislike actual capitalism.

For today, you may already have feasted on our fresh serving of Maynard Doctrine, in which The Good Professor considers what sense the government is making with its NICE-defying National Cancer Drugs Fund.

Can you guess what he concludes?

Meanwhile, congratulations to NHS Confed director of policy Nigel Edwards on becoming acting chief executive of the NHS Confederation - the HSJ have got the story here.

It's more than a bit unclear what happened with NHS Employers. It looks suspect. Misleading trustees and £3.4 million losses are not insignificant.

He might not have been culpable, but  ex-Confed CE Steve Barnett has had to fall on his sword to expiate the blame - a response for which many managers will have sympathy.

Meanwhile, Nigel Edwards will do an excellent job as interim. The primrose path of policy leads to the palace of power ...