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Editor's blog Wednesday 26 January 2011: BMA concedes Special Representative Meeting over Health And Social Care Bill reforms

The BMA is to hold a Special Representative Meeting on Tuesday 15 March 2011.

"BMA Council agreed at its meeting today (26 January 2011) that a special meeting of the BMA’s representative body was appropriate at this time to discuss the planned changes to the NHS now that the details have been laid before Parliament in the Health and Social Care Bill. It will form a key part of the BMA’s activities to step up member engagement and lobbying.  The BMA has been seeking members’ views about the planned changes, and the SRM will provide a further platform to debate the implications of the government’s plans on the NHS, patients and the profession.

"The SRM will take place on Tuesday 15 March 2011.  Further details will be available shortly.

"Council also reaffirmed the BMA’s position on the reforms, particularly its concerns that the potential benefits of clinically-led commissioning and greater public and patient involvement will be put at risk by the enforcement of competition through Monitor’s new role as the economic regulator for the NHS and the introduction of price competition.  In view of reports that some areas seem to be pre-empting proposed legislation, BMA Council also decided to call on the government to halt implementation of the reforms while the legislation is still going through parliament".