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Editor’s blog Wednesday 2 June 2010: RCHT to appeal against ET ruling ex-CE John Watkinson's dismissal unfair

What a surprise. Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust is appealing against the findings of the Employment Tribunal that its former CE John Watkinson was unfairly dismissed.

You may remember that we covered the story here, and that NHS South West complained about our coverage, which reported the findings of the tribunal about NHS South West's chief executive Sir Ian Carruthers' involvement, being "inaccurate and offensive" here.

Of course RCHT has every right to appeal the tribunal's findings. The findings were unanimous, and highly damning.

To succeed in their appeal, RCHT will need either to produce new evidence which proves that Watkinson's dismissal was fair, or be able to show that the judgment of the original tribunal was wrong in substantial matters of law or fact.

RCHT will also be aware that their appeal will be followed closely by various interested parties. Should their appeal be unsuccessful, they will need to answer for their use of public money.

Clearly, it would be quite unlike the NHS culture of valuing managers to simply prolong the case in the hope that Mr Watkinson runs out of money, and settles for a derisory sum off the record.