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Editor’s blog Wednesday 14 July 2010: If ...

Good afternoon.

Thank you very much to everybody who’s been linking to the site. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you also for the emailed comments, gossip, heckles and views. All are welcome: please keep them coming to editorial AT healthpolicyinsight.com

If you want help to sober up after the intoxicating White Paper, this story from The Independent will ensure that reality bites about the UK PLC’s off-balance sheet debt that all has to be paid off during our and our children’s lifetime. All that lovely risk transferred under PFI … How long until a political party starts offering the policy equivalent of those ‘Mis-sold your loans? We can help you get out of debt’ adverts? (What do you mean, they already have?)

If you need a laugh, Steve Bell’s Lansley and Cameron cartoon in The Guardian will furnish it.

And if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then either you work for Monitor or you have not fully grasped the gravity of the situation.

If the latter, then good luck to you: you are going to need it.