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Editor's blog Wednesday 10th February 2010: Cameron at TED - wink, wink, Nudge, Nudge

The Guardian have this report of Conservative leader David Cameron's presentation to the TED (Technology - Entertainment - Design) conference today.

You will notice that the influence of Thaler and Sunstein on his thinking has not abated. That more choice drives equality - which will come as news to the morbidly obese, compulsive gamblers and alcoholics everywhere.

Meanwhile, The Times has a nice story about the rupture of the party opolitical truce on a way forward for social care by Andrew Lansley. The Conservatives have clearly not had enough of people taking the piss out of their unimaginative posters yet. Do email me the link when you see the first spoof of this rather witless poster, won't you?

UPDATE: Here you go.