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Editor’s blog Tuesday 20 July 2010: Lansley's first Health Select Committee appearance, this morning at 11 am

Good morning.

You may already have noticed that we have a fresh dispensation of Maynard Doctrine for your edification and entertainment. The good professor takes on incentives in the new model NHS. Do read it.

Eleven o'clock this morning will mark Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's first appearance at the House of Commons Health Select Committee, to discuss the responsibilities of the job. The session should be lively, as we may discover more fully those he wishes to retain and those he plans to shed. You can watch the session here.

Meanwhile, The Independent's sage Jeremy Laurance suggests that the current NHS reforms are merely the 1989 reforms in new clothing - which he reminds us, were leaked to him by a friendly mole. (Do moles leak? It sounds uncomfortable.)

Laurance also suggests that they represent no serious threat to the NHS "for now".

Do you think he is correct?