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Editor's blog Tuesday 11 May 2010: Blue and gold are the new colours

The reason the Virgin Mary is pained in blue robes is most classical pictures is that blue was the most expensive pigment to make.

Of course, she was often pictured with the gold halo to indicate sanctity.

And so we have Prime Minister David Cameron. The status of NHS funding will have been a fascinating negotiating conversation.

The future isn't what it used to be ... which is a good thing - in parts. Like a curate's egg.

Farewell to the Labour government. They made many mis-steps on health policy; yet their legacy in uprating NHS funding to near-European levels cannot be undone lightly or soon.

Indeed, just as trades unions reforms were a legacy to Blair-Brownism from Thatcherism, so has acceptance of the NHS settlement in the affections of the British people been a legacy from Blair-Brownism to Cameronism. Whatever that may be.

So, here we are again, living in interesting times.

Mind the gap.

Don't look down.