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Editor’s blog Tueday 25 May 2010: Queen's speech - health bill section

Number 10 has now put up its notes on the Health Bill.

It states that the main elements of the Bill are:

"To establish an independent NHS Board to allocate resources and provide commissioning guidance, and to allow GPs to commission services on behalf of their patients.

"To improve efficiency and outcomes by strengthening the role of the Care Quality Commission and developing Monitor into an economic regulator to oversee aspects of access and competition in the NHS.

"To take forward proposals to significantly cut the number of health quangos, helping cut the cost of NHS administration by a third.

"Existing legislation in this area: Wide range of legislation would be affected, including the National Health Service Act 2006. Further details will follow in due course".

"Wide range of legislation would be affected, including the NHS Act 2006" is certainly not the long grass, but it does mean the bill is going to create some challenges as it comes to Parliament.

Which may not happen that soon.

The Spectator has what looks like an accurate transcription of HM's speech:

"The voice of patients and the role of doctors to be strengthened in the National Health Service to improve public health alongside actions to reduce health inequalities.  A commission will be appointed to consider a sustainable long-term structure for the operation of social care.

"A Bill will be introduced to make the police service more accountable to local people and to tackle alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

"The role of social enterprises, charities and the co-operatives in our public services will be enhanced.  The cost of bureaucracy and the number of public bodies will be reduced".