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Editor's blog Thursday 24 March 2011: Hats off to Sean Donnelly, NxtGen for many a true word spoken in rhyme

The Health Policy Insight team may swear a bit, occasionally when under extreme provocation. As a rule, we try to avoid personal attacks.

Although we do make an exception for special, special Health Minister Simon Burns. And actually, we make an exception for anyone who's a bit much to bear.

What the hell: some rules are made to be broken.

Today, we doff our hat respectfully to Sean Donnelly, AKA NxtGen, a Loughborough-based rapper who has married the guitar riff from 'House Of the Rising Sun' to his skilfully-spat policy critique of Our Saviour And Liberator Andrew Lansley, Secretary Of State For Health.

The result is quite simply magnificent, and probably not suitable for the workplace if your colleagues are easily offended by swearing.

Sean Donnelly, NxtGen UK, we salute you. Put it on iTunes, so we can reward your creativity.