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Editor’s blog Monday 26 July 2010: Andrew Lansley's live No. 10 Q&A transcript

is online here.

Two questions stick out, both from the wonderfully-named 'ROFL Copter':

How will GP commissioners be accountable to patients?

AL: "Patients should have more choice, should have more information they should be able to choose which GP practice they are registered with and everybody providing healthcare should increasingly expect to see their results be part of how they are held to account."

As a PCT commissioner, do you think I have failed?

AL: "I think there is a need in every health system for the people who are responsible for the care of patients also to be responsible for the resources that go with that. Local primary care trusts who currently manage commissioning and purchasing locally are often not the people who are directly responsible for managing care in general practice.

"Primary care trusts generally have failed to achieve the overall outcomes and quality through commissioning that we need. Where they have done well, local general practice-led commissioning consortia will be able to use those teams in the future, but we need to recognise - as we saw in the Care Quality Commission's Report on commissioning out of hours service last week - that too often the PCT did not understand the service they were commissioning, did not monitor the quality of the service being provided and did not challenge the out-of-hours service provider when things weren't right."