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Editor’s blog Monday 19 April 2010: Quick catch-up

Hello. You should already have read the latest dose of The Maynard Doctrine; if not, go and do so now.

Late. Knackered. Etc. So some quick links.

NICE man gets Mail
Here is Michael Rawlins pointing out that fearmongering rag the Daily Mailnever lets the facts get in the way of a good piece of fiction. Whoops! Sorry, good story.

In NICE's own words, "of the 15 products allegedly rejected by NICE:
10 were recommended
4 were rejected
1 no appraisal has been published.

"In the case of the one product where no appraisal has been published (Tarceva), the manufacturer withdrew their application because they had very significant additional information which wished to incorporate in their submission. This resubmission is currently under review by NICE".

I mean, that's not bad for the Mail. Only wrong by over 70%.

Murdoch paper finds unexpected enthusiasm for a wages policy
Blah blah blah GP blah blah blah PMS APMS blah blah blah earning half a million pounds blah blah blah living in a nice house and owning a car blah blah blah blah zzzzzzZZZZZZZZ.

Black Report PR guru comes out of long retirement to promote new report on alcohol
Plus ca change ...

Private sector healthcare boss in 'wants more private healthcare' shock
In other news: Pope IS Catholic; bears excrete in Sylvan settings.

This last one is properly funny. He genuinely wants to see Dr Liam Fox's 2005 Tory election manifesto in action. Worked so brilliantly last time  ...