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Editor’s blog Monday 19 July 2010: BMA seeks new route to block private sector in commissioning

That's interesting, if not very surprising.

Health Service Journal's Sally Gainsbury has been given a copy of BMA GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman's email to GPs, which restates the BMA's belief that "wherever possible, GPs should ensure that NHS providers are the providers of choice".

Buckman's email also says, "We are also going to need to work with the best managers if this is going to be successful ... We should look inside the NHS and to our professional body for support, rather than going elsewhere for advice".

Laurence Buckman is not a stupid man. He is also totally sincere about opposing the increased use of the private sector in the NHS.

So perhaps he truly believes that Health Secretary Andrew Lansley doesn't have a thick and bold red line around his plan to make Monitor a hugely powerful economic regulator, with the powers of the NHS Co-operation and Competition Panel thrown in and extended.

I suspect that if Laurence does believe that, his faith is going to be challenged in no uncertain terms

This is going to get messy.