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Editor's blog Friday 29 October 2010: Who's meeting whom at the PM and Cabinet Office level

Hats well and truly off to the Coalition government for their open publication of more data (and hat-tip to maverick nonpareil Paul Staines AKA Guido Fawkes of Order, Order for the reminder).

It allows us to know that PM David Cameron had the following meetings:

May 2010 Rupert Murdoch (News International) – general meeting

May 2010 Aiden Barclay (Press Holdings - The Spectator / Telegraph Media Group) – general meeting

July 2010 Pfizer – life science issues

It also allows us to know that Cabinet Ofice Minister Francis Maude had the following meetings:

July 2010 CBI – to discuss public services

July 2010 Central Surrey Health, Greenwich Leisure Limited, Sunderland Home Care Associates, John Lewis Partnership, Circle, Innovation Unit, Open Doors, Co-ops UK, Employee Ownership Association, OPM, Turning Point – roundtable to discuss employee-led mutuals

July 2010 Serco, Capita, A4e, Social Finance, Local Partnerships, Social Investment Business, KPMG, James Jennings (Independent Consultant), Unity Trust Bank, Triodos, Bridges Ventures, The cooperative bank, ISIS Equity Partners – roundtable to discuss joint ventures

July 2010 Corven Consulting Ltd – general issues

July 2010 Fujitsu – contract renegotiation

July 2010 David Macleod (author of The Extra Mile) – public sector employment engagement

July 2010 Centre for Policy Studies – policy development