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Editor's blog Friday 26 Novmeber: A last hurrah at the Cabinet Office for Matt Tee

Cabinet Office permanent secretary of government communications Matt Tee (former prelate of the DH communications parish; ex-of Dr Foster and the first chief executive of NHS Direct) will lead a major review of the Government Central Office of Information, prior to moving on to new challenges at the end of March 2011.

They will miss him, I suspect. He brought to the party a good strategic sense and proper common sense: a double less prevalent than one would wish.

Matt is a very bright guy; one who knows when and how to act, and equally usefully, when to leave things. He will not want for offers.

As he says in the statement, “I am proud to have led government communications through a time of major change as the civil service made the successful transition to a new coalition Government. We have also significantly reduced expenditure on advertising and marketing, paved the way for a new era of government transparency and introduced a major shift towards digital as the default channel for government information and services".

You can read some more of Matt's views on his present and previous roles in this Health Policy Insight interview from earlier in the year.