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Editor's blog 2 July 2008: New balls, please

Just a very quick one today, as there are more bits of Darzi to read, digest and pontificate about here later on - or more probably, tomorrow.

In this weekend's 'Colloquium', Tom Smith and I will be disagreeing about the Darzi review (see editor's blog yesterday for my take on the first document) - which should be fun. If you have any interjections, queries, thoughts or other stuff you'd like to contribute, please email them to editorial@healthpolicyinsight.com by Saturday mid-morning. Oh, and do let us know whether you want to be anonymous or named.

Interruptions to normal service: Nick Timmins' First Thoughts, Last Thoughts column will normally appear every other Monday. However, it seemed sensible for Nick to read all the bits of Darzi before he writes. It will appear shortly. And Tom Smith will be back tomorrow with Health Policy Today - for today,  you're stuck with me.

At the moment of writing, Andy Murray is not out of the match. It's not just me, is it? He looks ridiculously like Beavis from Beavis And Butthead.