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Editorial Wednesday 5 June 2013: On Andy Cowper and his financial conflicts of interest

Editor's note: this post has been updated on several occasions since its original publication in 2013. I also leave the most recent (2016, IIRC) update on view below the dotted bold line, for historical purposes.

The following is a summary of my current financial conflicts of interest. It is a list of my regular healthcare industry clients (or other people who pay me), last updated as of July 2022.

Where these conflicts do or may affect my journalism, I will always declare them at that time, but it is also good economic and ethical hygiene to list them here.

They are as follows:

I sell subscriptions to my weekly column 'Cowper's Cut' here on Heath Policy Insight, the website which I edit, own and have run since 2008

I write regular columns for British Medical Journal and Civil Service World

I write columns for The Guardian and The Spectator

I record a monthly vlog (?) on NHS politics and policy news and analysis with Ian Chamberlain for the Life Sciences Access Academy

I work as a communications advisor for Allocate Software

I sit on the advisory board for Palantir UK

More will be declared here, as relevant and when arising


(2013 text of original post, updated 2016)

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks, and had no time to do so.

It's about my conflicts of interest, real or perceived, with clients for whom I work.

This stuff matters in other fields, so it also matters in mine.

In the past, I've tried to do this proactively when relevant, as with the ongoing projects I did for NHS Alliance. Those have all now finished, so who knows, I might even start writing about their stuff again ...

My current paid commitments are as follows.

Andy Cowper - conflicts of interest
I am the editor of Health Policy Insight, which I fund and run. Obvs.

I work for Health Service Journal as their Comment editor, and also do paid projects for them, such as the HSJ Commission On Hospital Care For Frail Older People.

I do bits and pieces of communications work for NHS Providers.

I work with Wellards as their conference chair and programmer.

I do some ad hoc work with Road Communications, advising them on NHS issues.

I'm proud to work with all my clients, and so am very happy to put this information in the public domain - and will keep it updated.

If you'd like to discuss working with me, you can email andycowper@hotmail.com

(Oh, and obviously I'm the campaign manager for Simon Burns to be the next Secretary of State for Health).