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Editorial Wednesday 20 March 2013: ComradeShambles explained, with the help of Marxism

How could NHS Comrade-In-Chief Sir David Nicholson have been so stupid as to mislead the Public Accounts Committee when he could be caught out in so doing?

For whatever his faults, Comrade Sir David is not a stupid man.

Why, then, did he do such a stupid thing?

The answer lies in Marxism. Inevitably.

False consciousness, to be precise.

The theory of false consciousness teaches us that evil capitalism has material and institutional processes that are antithetical to the interests of the proletariat.

The proletariat either do not notice the ideology of the institutions of repression, or enter into false consciousness that allows them to accept the status quo, which of course prevents their POUM (possibility of upward mobility).

Thus is is clear that the bourgeois counter-revolutionaries of the House of Commons Public Affairs Committee have entered into false consciousness that capitalist running-dog and swearer-in-meetings Gary Walker wrote a letter to champion of the people Comrade Sir David, which identified the class traitor Walker as a trecharous whistleblower.

This 'Zinoviev'-type letter (even though the People's Republic of East Midlands Strategic Health Authority and United Lincoln Hospitals Trust paid off class traitor Walker before a court could rule him a whistleblower) has thus attained false status as a 'real' document.

The truth is out there.

But not as out there as the Comrade-In-Chief.