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Editorial Wednesday 19 December 2018: The eyes have it - Matt Hancock, fridge magnate, and The Fear

I don’t lightly encourage people to watch interviews with ‘Appless Matt ‘Ancock, Secretary Of State For The Time Being.

But I have to make an exception for this classic.

It starts at 4 minutes 30 in, and is notable for two things.

In the ongoing bonfire of the sanities that is Brexit, the ‘Appless ‘Un tells a grateful nation that as part of the ‘no deal’ plans for crashing out of the EU on 29 March 2019, he has become the biggest buyer of refrigerators in the world.

Voila: Matt Hancock, fridge magnate.

I think we’re supposed to be reassured. Of course members of the Paying Attention community won’t be. Such people have spotted that if we crash out, planes will be grounded, ports gridlocked and radioactive isotopes for cancer treatment (of which we import 80% unavailable because by leaving the EU, we leave EURATOM).


That is hog-whimperingly stupid enough, but there is something else.

Watch the interview and look at his eyes.

Mr Hancock is not just a bit worried: he is absolutely terrified. And with good reason. He has had The Briefing about what a no deal crashing out means.

And he is, quite sensibly, very afraid.

And it is there for all to see. In his eyes.

If we crash out of the EU, there will be avoidable deaths and avoidable harm on a significant scale.

And people will be looking for someone to blame. And Mr Hancock knows he will be one very obvious candidate.

There isn’t a digital solution to this problem. Not even for The Appman.