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Editorial Thursday 27 June 2016: Heidi Alexander on the John McDonnell clandestine advisory group

There has been lively discussion on social media about HPI's recent stories about the McDonnell Policy review and yesterday's follow-up.

Some of this discussion has been reasonable and reasoned in tone; some not so much. That's left-to-far-left politics for you, unfortunately.

The people's politician Clive Peedell (Heidi Alexander joined the conversation. I repeat the contents of her tweets below. They verify the accuracy of my stories.

I am grateful to Heidi Alexander, who did not have to do this.

Heidi Alexander's response on the McDonnell events
John McDonnell invited NHS campaigners to a meeting in the Commons but didn't invite me. I challenged him about it. I was then invited & I was shouted at by some of the attendees ...

John McDonnell then invited them to form an advisory group (again not telling me).

I found out about this, said it was totally unacceptable & it must not be an advisory group.

A few weeks later, the "advisory group" asks for a meeting with me, John (McDonnell) & Jeremy (Corbyn); this meeting never happened because I resigned.

One other thing: that was not the first time I was undermined, but I will save that for another day.

Updated: Heidi Alexander's speech to her constituency Labour Party meeting is well worth reading.