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Editorial Thu 15 April 2021: 'Alan's Big Pocket': Hancock given 15% shareholding in sister's NHS £150K contract-winning company

Meet Emily Gilruth.

She's a jockey.

She had a significant fall in the 2017 Badminton Horse Trials, from which thankfully she made a good recovery.

Emily Gilruth is the older sister of Secretary Of State For Health But Social Care Matt 'Alan' Hancock.

After 22 years of writing about the politics and management of the NHS, it's nice to still be able to be surprised.

The Bywire News website revealed that "Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been handed a 15% stake in a firm called Topwood Limited".

Topwood Limited is jointly controlled by Matt Hancock's older sister, Emily Gilruth.

Byline News also reveals that "in March this year, Topwood Limited were awarded two NHS contracts worth a total of £300k. Topwood Limited also just happen to be owned by Mr Hancock's sister". They have got this detail wrong by double-counting reporting sources: it is one contract for £150,000, with Betsi Cadwalladr Health Board.

Here is the link from Companies House confirming the transfer of those shares.

And here is Matt Hancock's register of interests from the House of Commons, which confirms the donation.

The London Economic reveals that the shareholding gifted to Mr Hancock comes under a delegated management arrangement.

The company’s contract is with the NHS in Wales, which is independent of Mr Hancock's direct control.

Mr Hancock's salary as Secretary of State is £67,505, on top of his MP salary of £81,932.

That is a total of £149,437.

It is difficult to see why a person on that annual salary would be in need of such a gift.

Perhaps 'Alan's Big Pocket' really is very big indeed.

UPDATE: Health Service Journalhas more on this.