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Editorial Monday 3 February 2014: Independent regulators, the SPESCious Awards, and spoofing Mark Britnell

I appointed myself as NHS Chief Inspector Of Chief Inspectors last year, in the wake of the post-Francisappointmentsfrenzy.
The organisational politics of this were fascinating: a textbook example of what 'Yes, Minister' defined as The Politician's Syllogism:
1. Something must be done.
2. This is something.
3. Therefore this must be done.

A wry smile has played around the corners of my well-chiselled features this year, as the NHS's two main independent inspectorates paraded their need for my CIOCI services.

Independent economic regulator Monitor issued their guidance to my colleagues at Health Service Journal on when and how competition should best be used as regards mergers and failure.

Alas, it really isn't up to Monitor on mergers, but to the OFT/Competition Commission. Nor can Monitor regulate failures: