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Editorial Friday 14 October 2011: Clustered SHA non-executive directors announced

The DH has announced the NEDs of the SHA clusters.

NHS North of England
(bringing together NHS North West, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber and NHS North East)

Chair – Kathryn Riddle
Chief executive – Ian Dalton

Sir Peter Carr (Vice Chair)
Sally Cheshire (Vice Chair)
Ian Walker (Audit Chair)
Sarah Harkness
Oliver James
Alan Foster
Peter Fidler
Denis Lidstone

NHS Midlands and East
(bringing together NHS West Midlands, NHS East Midlands and NHS East of England)

Chair – Sarah Boulton
Chief Executive – Sir Neil McKay

Kaye Burnett (Vice Chair)
Michael Burrows (Audit Chair)
Valerie Morton
Stephen Goode
Vijay Sharma
Christopher Handy
Deryk Mead

NHS South of England
(bringing together NHS South West, NHS South Central and NHS South East Coast)

Chair – Dr Geoff Harris
Chief Executive – Sir Ian Carruthers

Charles Howeson (Vice Chair)
Kate Lampard (Vice Chair)
Stephen Tinton (Audit Chair)
Neil Churchill
Terry Butler
Joseph McLoone
Alison Ryan
Stephen West

NHS London is not clustering with another statutory body, therefore the current non-executive directors remain in post:

Chair – Professor Mike Spyer
Chief Executive – Dame Ruth Carnall

Rima Makarem (Audit Chair)
Michael Bell
Rachel English
Ian Harrison