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The Maynard Doctrine

The Maynard Doctrine: NHS care - waltzing into an ebb-tide?

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard is far from convinced that things are working out well

The NHS is in crisis due to inadequate funding: a product of ideologically driven policy choices favouring a smaller public sector. The crisis is the familiar product of competing political parties and the famines and feasts in funding, often of biblical durations of seven years.

The Maynard Doctrine: The Empress has no clothes

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard calls Mayday on Number 10's health and care policy position

Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of the Emperor being tricked by two weavers into selling a magic set of clothes that did not exist led to their victim being “naked as the day that he was born”, and subject to universal ridicule.

After six months in office, Prime Minister May appears to have no clothes and is subject to increasing ridicule. Admittedly, her agenda is broad and dominated by bewilderment about how to manage Brexit.

The Maynard Doctrine: How to fund the NHS - zombie policies rise yet again

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard would much rather not have to write this article again, but evidently it's still necessary. Sigh.

After six years of inadequate funding of the NHS, waiting lists are worsening. Workforce problems are acute, and 65 per cent of hospital trusts were in deficit at year end 2015-16.

It is remarkable that service provision has maintained such reasonable levels when health and social care funding has been so parsimonious.

The Maynard Doctrine: What efficiency is

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard teaches Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt a little about efficiency.

What is efficiency?

On September 11th, I tweeted: "Health care that is delivered inefficiently is unethical as it deprives potential patients of care from which they could benefit".

On September 15th, a young chap called Jeremy Hunt tweeted in reply "This is why safe, high quality and efficient care must go hand in hand”.

The Maynard Doctrine: Continuous Revolution (again)

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard wonders, not for the first time, whether we shouldn't perhaps be evaluating some of the latest round of NHS redisorganisation

You will recall that Comrade Lansley’s 2012 Health and Social Care Act redisorganising the structures of the NHS and was described by Comrade Sir David Nicholson as, like the Great Wall of China, being visible from outer space.

The Maynard Doctrine: Cut the horseshit: where’s the evidence?

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard wonder, not for the first time, why policymaking and management are still so often uninformed by evidence and evaluation.

The healthcare industry nationally and internationally is vast and expensive. Insurers and governments worldwide spend a lot of effort seeking to control expenditure growth, using rhetoric rather than evidence to improve the efficiency with which healthcare is delivered.

The Maynard Doctrine: The Sinking of the NHS Titanic

Publish Date/Time: 
03/30/2016 - 17:34

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard points to the parlous pricing function, cost and value

The admirable Steamship NHS Titanic is being driven into the iceberg territory of fragmentation and privatisation by Admiral The Hunt. After five years of parsimonious annual funding growth of 0.8 per cent, good ship NHS is in dire straits, with rivets pinging from previously robust component parts.

The Maynard Doctrine: How is Sir Galahad doing? A termly report

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard runs the rule over the Stevens regime

Who would want Simon Steven’s job? One can only admire the fortitude of Sir Galahad (better known as SS). He is mired in the bog that is Whitehall, with the natives running riot, practising planned parsimony voted for by no sensible citizen.

Sir G quests quietly and determinedly for the Holy Grails: leverage to facilitate financial solvency; avoidance of crises; and radical reform of NHS attitudes and practices.

The Maynard Doctrine: Management needs measurement: time for the NHS to do better

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard says that NHS activity and performance measurement need to improve significantly.

The NHS has three problems with ensuring managers are adept at measurement and thus able to deploy their skills efficiently, rather than haphazardly.

Firstly, there is a paucity of data, particularly in primary care.

Secondly, there is an enormous stock of secondary care data which managers neglect.

The Maynard Doctrine: Some friendly advice from Dave to Jeremy

Health economist Professor Alan Maynard imagines the contents of a memo from the Prime Minister to Jeremy Hunt

Dear Jeremy,

As you seem to be experiencing some local difficulties, I felt it was incumbent on me as your Prime Minister to offer some advice and how we might proceed with NHS and social care matters.

Social care problems
As you know, I am rather lazy and do not keep up with the minutiae of policymaking. Consequently, I was surprised to discover from local authority colleagues in Oxford about the scale of the cuts they are facing.

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