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Editorial Thursday 27 June 2016: Heidi Alexander on the John McDonnell clandestine advisory group

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06/30/2016 - 07:17

There has been lively discussion on social media about HPI's recent stories about the McDonnell Policy review and yesterday's follow-up.

Some of this discussion has been reasonable and reasoned in tone; some not so much. That's left-to-far-left politics for you, unfortunately.

The people's politician Clive Peedell (He Who Represents The One Per Cent) chose to steam in, telling me he had email proof from her office that Heidi knew about the 13 April meeting.

He then produced not an email, but a minute of the meeting, which as I clearly stated, Heidi Alexander had attended, having been leaked the information and having had to 'gatecrash' it.

At this point, Heidi Alexander joined the conversation. I repeat the contents of her tweets below. They verify the accuracy of my stories.

I am grateful to Heidi Alexander, who did not have to do this.

Heidi Alexander's response on the McDonnell events
John McDonnell invited NHS campaigners to a meeting in the Commons but didn't invite me. I challenged him about it. I was then invited & I was shouted at by some of the attendees ...

John McDonnell then invited them to form an advisory group (again not telling me).

I found out about this, said it was totally unacceptable & it must not be an advisory group.

A few weeks later, the "advisory group" asks for a meeting with me, John (McDonnell) & Jeremy (Corbyn); this meeting never happened because I resigned.

One other thing: that was not the first time I was undermined, but I will save that for another day.

Updated: Heidi Alexander's speech to her constituency Labour Party meeting is well worth reading.