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Editorial Wednesday 16 April 2014: Working smarter - National Hunt winter racing, and horses for courses

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04/15/2014 - 20:30

My Lords, Ladies and gentlemen, NHS comrades (and regulators),

I have received some comments about the relative infrequency of Health Policy Insight posts of late. Thank you for your concern. I am fine, and indeed still hold opinions and do analysis about the NHS. It's just a question of time available.

Editorial Thursday 3 April 2014: Fantasy reform scenario planning with Dylan or The Dame?

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04/03/2014 - 16:32

In 'Stuck Outside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again', Bob Dylan wrote "And here I sit so patiently, waiting to find what price/You have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice". It's a good line.

However, Dylan also later wrote "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle like a bowl of soup", which cancelled the former line out, and proves that you can't trust Bob Dylan as a seer.

Editorial Monday 31 March 2014: Some thoughts for NHS England CE Simon Stevens

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03/31/2014 - 17:36

NHS England has been run by a former Communist, and from today it is run by a former Labour councillor. Perhaps in our children’s children’s time, NHS England will be run by a former Lib Dem?

Anyway, Simon Stevens is a great hire. He runs the risk of inflated expectations leading to disappointment when miracles do not immediately ensue, which is a nice problem to have.

Here, to speed Simon on his way, are a few observations about the job.

Editorial Friday 4 April 2014: On Senior Healthcare Job Exit Logorrhea Syndrome

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04/04/2014 - 22:31

Gosh my old boots.

Outgoing (as in leaving) RCP supremo Sir Richard Thompson has given The Guardian an exit interview in which he says the quality of some NHS clinical care is a bit shit because clinicians are too busy.

Well, thank Christ he didn't notice it during the entire period he was in post as the president of the representative body.

Who knows what might have happened?

Editorial Tuesday 1 April 2014: "Think like a patient, act like a taxpayer" - Simon Stevens' first speech as NHS England CE

Publish Date/Time: 
04/01/2014 - 13:43

It’s good to be back - back in the NHS, and back here on Tyneside.

I know times are tough, and the Health Service is under pressure. But when people ask me why take on this new job? My answer is: Because I believe in the NHS, and I believe in its future. That it will be there when we need it, at the most profound moments in our lives. At the birth of our children. At the deaths of our loved ones. And at every stage in between – as we grapple with hope, fear, generosity, loneliness, compassion – all the most profound elements of the human spirit.

Editorial Friday 28 March 2014: A quick thought aboout Simon Stevens

Publish Date/Time: 
03/28/2014 - 20:15

Next week sees the arrival of Simon Stevens as NHS England's new chief executive.

HPI reisdent economics-and-everything guru Professor Alan Maynard has already offered Simon some advice, and very good it is too. I shall add to it on Monday, as doubtless shall the rest of the health policyverse.

But to truly re-enter the exciting online UK health policy debates, Simon needs a handle.